• Highly prized for its elegant beauty.
  • Dense heavy canopies are green to dark green.
  • Thick, pineapple like nut comprised of cut frond stems just under the fronds.
  • Very heavy caliper trunk, usually 28 inches plus with distinct diamond shape pattern.
  • Beautiful and Alluring.

Cold Tolerance: Zones 8a-11
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: Med
Light Requirements: High
Wind Tolerance: Med to High
Moisture Tolerance: High
Nutritional Req.: All landscapes love fertilizer

Canary island date palms has been utilized as a theme generating focal point in landscapes worldwide for decades. Its majesty and substantial presence make this palm a powerful choice where you a looking to bring natural maturity to a site. Utilized in rows or as a freestanding centerpiece, there really aren't many locations on site where you cannot use Canariensis successfully.

6,500 IN PRODUCTION 10-14’ OA - Frond Length 12’

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