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Texas American Tree Farm (TATF) is a division of Groundworks Texas! Groundworks has been in business here in Alvin Texas since 2001 stocking & delivering exceptional quality, fully mature Specimen palms. During 2007 we made the decision to diversify our availability by putting in place a production farm to grow cold hardy palm varieties that complement our Specimen Palms. The first thought was to head south into the Rio Grande valley, buy land and build the farm. The loamy soils and balmy climate there are well suited to achieve fast growth and shorter times to market but it would have also meant we would be delivering sandy/loamy root balls to our customers, just like all of the other growers in the valley. The producers in the valley are tried & true nursery professionals growing a beautiful product but we have had a lot of experience planting on clay sites and have found that where sandy or loamy root balls are planted into dense, heavy clay, as soon as it rains the water inundates the root system and stands there for a long time.

Texas Tough root ball

Texas Tough root ball

Anaerobic conditions persist in the root ball and unless you plant well above grade and use some form of aerating mix for backfill, you are going to have serious problems with the palms. The issues are nothing new; in fact these issues have been so common that most contractors thought that the issues and special requirements were normal for all palms but that just isn’t true. These issues & difficulties are normal when planting a less dense (sandy or loamy) root ball into a hole dug in super dense clay. If the contractor does things just right, he can make it work but that is exactly what he is doing, he is making it work because he knows that if he just plants in the clay, his palms will suffer and many will fail outright.

We knew this from our own expensive experiences in Houston so when George made the decision to build the farm; he built it on raised rows in heavy clay. Every one said he was nuts but he did it nonetheless and today, the maturing palms are nothing short of spectacular. Because of the clay, the growth rates are much slower and the palms get a lot fatter but the real score is the root balls.

The root balls that come from Texas American are comprised of the same dense heavy clay that contractors are planting in. This means that there is no need to do anything special or unusual at all for your palm plantings to consistently deliver outstanding results. Planting Texas American grown palms is just plain simple; no sand needed, no bark or rocks or mulch necessary, no need to plant well above grade, nothing special at all. You dig the hole, place the root ball in it, work out the air pockets and go! Because our clay is the same density as the clay on site, there is no water build up possible, no anaerobic conditions to try to mitigate and no acclimation issues at all! The palms work so well and so easily that they are actually pretty hard to hurt much less kill. We are absolutely confident of this so every palm that leaves Texas American goes out with a six month wholesale warranty. The warranty doesn’t have a bunch of exclusions or restrictions in it, in fact the only thing that is excluded is weather related damage/destruction. Any other cause of loss is covered and all we need is a picture of the dead palm planted onsite and we will give you a new one at no charge. No nonsense, no crying and no big deal.

If you haven’t yet planted palms from Texas American you owe it to yourself to try us once. After you have seen just how simple success with palms can be, you will never want to plant a sandy or ploamy root ball again. The palms will look great, the customer will be smiling and getting the check will be easy.