• This beautiful silvery/blue feather palm has long pinnate leaves that arch and re-curve towards the ground from atop a thick stout trunk.
  • Slow growing palms.
  • Exceptionally cold tolerant and are well suited to use throughout the southerly portion of Zone 8.
  • Lush canopies and are undaunted by freezes into the Mid-teens and will survive freeze events into the low teens with just minor damage.

Cold Tolerance: Zones 8-9
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: High
Light Requirements: High, med - frond grows longer in shade
Nutritional Requirements: All landscapes love fertilizer

These extremely slow growing palms do well around the pool area with a soft sexy arch in their fronds.

12,000 IN PRODUCTION 8-14’ OA - Frond Length 8’

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