Texas Tough Palms from Texas American Tree Farm

Groundworks Texas! and its Texas American Tree Farm (TATF) produce palm trees. We produce 12 varieties of cold hardy palms on our farm in Alvin Texas and the palms we ship are truly exceptional. I admit to being a proud papa but it is not just hot air when I say that our palms are exceptional; they are so exceptional in fact that we had to come up with something that would impart their own unique identity to match the totally unique performance & aesthetics this incredible inventory consistently delivers. We thought a lot about it and we settled on Texas Tough because the palms are born & raised near Houston in Alvin Texas and because they are without exception the toughest palms you have ever handled. It’s true; Texas Tough inventory is easier to plant and succeed with then any palm any of us have ever planted before; it is just plain amazing to see how hard it is to kill one of these palms. This inventory thrives on heavy clay sites just as well as in sandy, loamy soil and so long as you water periodically, killing the palms off is extremely hard to do. Your customer will have to leave them as dry as a desert or run them over with a big truck to kill them off and even then they just might come back. The secret is our soil; it is a super-rich, super dense clay/muck type of stuff and the palms transplant from it more easily than anything I have ever seen. The root balls come out solid and you can plant them into heavy, dense clay like soils with no special mulch, no fancy backfills and no need to plant the root ball above grade; heck, that muck you need to plant into is like a homecoming for Texas Tough palms.

Texas Tough means the palms are super easy to succeed with and it means consistency. It means big heavy calipered trunks, fat uncropped canopies and it means you can count on outstanding results every time. Buying Texas Tough means you are buying the cream of the crop; consistently beautiful palms that leave our fields fully prepared for transplant and ready for the rigors of trucking & handling once they reach your job site.

Every one of these palms will arrive on site in ideal condition with a Texas Tough tag certifying it as being genuine Texas Tough inventory. After you have handled & planted this inventory just once, you will understand why we branded it Texas Tough and you will never want to mess around with any palm from anywhere else ever again. I know that sounds like a salesmen talking and I suppose it is but it is also a dedicated professional with 30 years of field experience talking and even if this wasn’t our farm I would be saying exactly the same things. Our customers love planting Texas Tough palms because nothing weird ever happens, their jobs are done quickly and they don’t have to do all kinds of special stuff to make the palms work.

You would think that all of this great stuff I am telling you is leading up to breaking the news that Texas Tough palms are mega expensive but that is not the case; our prices are sharply competitive with the rest of the industry; you pay us what you would pretty much anywhere else but you get an exceptional product that is flat out superior and a whole lot easier to succeed with. Along with exceptional palms, when you deal with us you will be dealing with some truly exceptional people too. Our personnel know their stuff; they are quick, professional & friendly and they are determined to make your experiences with us pleasant and consistently profitable for you.

Call or email us today; chat with one of our rep’s and order your first load of Texas Tough palms. You will be saying “Hello” to consistently gorgeous palms, consistently delivered results & consistently reliable profit margins and “Goodbye” to all of the issues you have ever faced planting palms; all of them. We are here when you need us and ready to load upon your instruction;