• “Washingtonia Flibusta”, a hybrid of Washingtonia flifera and Washingtonia robusta, is thought by many in the landscape industry to be a superior hybrid.
  • Slower growing than the robusta.
  • Heavier trunk then the Robusta variety but not as gigantic as the Filifera.
  • Fronds are larger than is commonly found on the Robusta but again, not as large as the Filifera.

Cold Tolerance: Zone 8
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: Med
Light Requirements: Full sun to partial sun
Nutritional Requirements: All landscapes love fertilizer

Streetscapes, rows and individual or staggered group accent plantings. The canopies measure 8-10 feet across and the trunks can be thatched for a more natural look or skinned for a cleaner, more formal look.

15,000 IN PRODUCTION 7-20’ CT - Frond Length 7’

Sold at wholesale. Flexible pricing and payment terms.